Manthara (मन्थर) Tumbler

Manthara (मन्थर) means curved. The name of this glass is inspired by the sleek bottom cuts of the glass which gives it a unique base. The unique design of this glass makes it even more desirable.

Weight: 638 gms
Capacity: 300 ml

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Features at a Glance

The casual drinker and aficionado alike commonly enjoy whisky or bourbon in an “old- fashioned” tumbler, a wide open-brimmed glass intended for iced cocktails. Many connoisseurs prefer a narrower aperture of the brim, opting for a tasting (or nosing) glass—a stemmed tulip-shaped snifter that concentrates the aromas and allow for inspection of the spirit’s color without marking the glass’ bowl with fingerprints.

Through specially developed protrusion forms inside the glass — adapted through studying bio-mimicry — when swirled around the glass the fluid forms a standing wave shape, which increases the surface to air ratio and rate of oxidization. The effect here is that considerably more ethanol evaporates. This resulting increase in volatility allows the whisky to become significantly more expressive. This feature is an invention of the Norlan glass — no other whisky glass will do this for you.

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